Some dealers getting Bolt EVs already?

There’s been some rumor on the Bolt Forums about dealerships getting the Bolt EV already. However, when I started to dig deeper I realized that the dealers didn’t get the Bolts. They don’t have them on the lot.

In an article at this site it talks about how at the LA Auto Show, 2 dealerships mentioned they are schedule to receive shipments of the 2017 Chevy Bolt to their dealerships this week.

Boardwalk Chevy in Redwood City, CA said they are booked to get 39 Bolt vehicles sent to them this week, and 40 people have already put deposits down so don’t think you can order one!

In Portland OR, at Ron Tonkin Chevy, a representative said they “have 6 now and 4 all already sold.” That’s what sent out a fury of online buzz about the Bolt already being sold, and being on a lot.

Instead, what they mean is that they’ve received allocation of the Bolts. None have shipped to dealerships yet.

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