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Chevy Bolt Blog – Bolt EV Availability

It’s been a while since I posted on the Chevy Bolt Blog, but I wanted to take a minute to put down a list of countries that the Bolt EV is currently available.

USA Availability

This is information straight from General Motors on their rollout plan for the 2017 Bolt EV in Massachusetts

Starting in December 2016, California and Oregon are set to get the Bolt EV. In February 2017, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia will get deliveries. New York and New Jersey get the Bolt in March, and Washington State will follow in April 2017. Then, in May 2017, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Colorado. In July, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania. August, Texas will finally get the Bolt, and the remaining states will start seeing shipments in September 2017.

Canada Availability

First deliveries of the Bolt EV happened in early January of 2017. GM started with Quebec, Ontario, and BC – the 3 provinces with EV incentives. For the other provinces and territories, GM hasn’t made any official announcements or mentioned dates except to say it will show up within 12 months of the launch – that could mean as late as early 2018.

European Availability

The Chevy Bolt Blog also covers the Ampera-e because it is the same vehicle 🙂 In Europe, the rebadged Bolt will go on sale in April 2017 in Norway, with France and Germany following in June 2017. Laterin 2017 or early 2018, the rest of the left-hand-drive countries will get the Bolt. GM has said it won’t be building a right hand drive version so Australia is out of luck too.

Thanks again for stopping by to read my Chevy Bolt Blog! In Canada…. and waiting….