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Chevrolet Bolt Specifications

Chevrolet has finally released full details on the Bolt Electric Vehicle, and I wanted to share it with you here even though it’s already being thoroughly discussed on the Chevy Bolt Forum.


Here are the Chevy Bolt Specs:

Single Motor Drive Unit
Like most EVs on the road, the Bolt EV’s drive system uses a single high capacity electric motor to propel the car.  But it’s the smooth, powerful and quiet motor design, gear configuration and shift-by-wire system that separates it from the pack.

60 kWh Battery System
Having more than 1.3 billion miles of EV experience from the Chevrolet Volt helped Bolt EV battery engineers and strategic partner LG Electronics to develop an all-new cell and battery pack to offer more than an estimated 200 miles of range.

Regen System Provides One-Pedal Driving
Regenerative braking has become more than just a tool to boost range, it’s also transformed into a feature that can provide an improved EV driving experience.  The Bolt EV features a new regenerative braking system that has the ability to provide one pedal driving.


Information from GM’s website: