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GM not expecting Bolt to sell well?

According to supplier sources in discussions late last year, they hinted that GM’s assembly line for the Chevy Bolt EV isn’t expected to sell in massive volumes. The suppliers are set up to handle an annual volume of 25,000 to 35,000 vehicles.

The Bolt EV was built with ride sharing in mind which is a good way to guarantee an audience for the vehicle. GM invested $500 million into Lyft – so one could expect to see an announcement soon thatLyft drivers could purchase a Bolt at a great discount etc.

But seriously – it’s the first 200 mile electric vehicle, and it will cost around $30,000 USD. Why wouldn’t it sell well? The Nissan LEAF sold 17,000 copies in the USA, and that was with a slow down near the end of the year because of the next year’s model imminent release.

GM has also decided to sell the Bolt electric vehicle under the Opel brand in parts of Europe as the Ampera-e. That will help with sales volumes as well, in case sales are super low – and until the Bolt production lines are maxed out, extra sales are never a bad thing!