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Chevy Bolt Specs (in theory)

When GM debuted the Chevy Bolt Concept EV in Detroit, they also offered some key details. All of this, of course, is media hype and speculation, as Chevrolet hasn’t even approved the vehicle for production yet!

Key Specs

The Chevy Bolt EV will have a starting price of $30,000 after tax incentives. Some thoughts come to mind: The current Nissan Leaf SL is somewhere around $35,000, so this would be $2500 more than that. Not bad, considering more than double the range. However, 2 or more years gives Nissan plenty of time to lower their prices, or to come out with the second gen LEAF that could have just as many miles and even be cheaper, since Nissan has mass-produced EV experience on their side.

Chevrolet electric Bolt’s 200+ mile range. This is the first real look at the second generation of electric vehicles. Currently, all electric vehicles (aside from Tesla, or range extended electric vehicles) have a nominal range of around 100 miles. A range of 200 miles could really entice more gasoline vehicle drivers to make the switch!

Other Specs


  • 3 driving modes – the driving modes in the Bolt will adjust accelerator mapping, vehicle ride height, and even suspension¬†stiffness.
  • Minimal front or rear overhang, meaning the wheels are at the extreme front and rear of the vehicle, the Bolt EV concept makes the most of interior space providing seating for 5 adults.
  • Bolt EV Connect App will¬†allow smartphone to be used as the key fob, allow ride sharing management, including reservations, key sharing, and even payment processing via your phone
  • A 10-inch touch screen that controls the Bolt EV Connect app
  • High-intensity LED headlights and taillamps increase visibility while reducing power consumption
  • Rear fenders vented to improve overall aerodynamics
  • Lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber keep down the curb weight